Collaborative work with data in the human rights field Introduction 1 Advantages of collaborative work with data 2 Challenges of collaborative work with data 2 Recommendations for collaborative work with data 3 Consistent standards 3 Data dictionaries and thesauri 4 Training 5 Security and access control 5 Communication and engagement 6 Learnings 6 Introduction The protection and promotion of human rights (HR) worldwide requires collaborative work across different professional fields, countries and institutions. Regarding data management, it is clear how working as a network allows us to have more complete datasets and perform comparative analysis. Collaboration, however, entails many challenges that could jeopardize the effectiveness of the projects if they are not tackled at the right time. This document is intended to provide some tips for HR practitioners immersed in collaborative projects based on data. These recommendations come from HURIDOCS’ experience with partners working in networks, and from international forums whose goal 1

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