This report was made possible thanks to many
people who contributed their time and energy towards
this report. Interviews were carried out by Nisha
Thompson and Tom Walker, with assistance from
Kara Kaminski‑Killany. Zara Rahman wrote the main
narrative, and editing support was provided by Alix
Dunn. All of this work was financially made possible
thanks to the support of the Oak Foundation.
Our thanks also goes to the following people
who we interviewed, spoke to, or otherwise
drew inspiration from:
Rick Bahague
Wendy Betts

Beatrice Martini
Natasha Msonza

Rory Byrne
Indira Cornelio
Alix Dunn
Ishita Dutta
Wael Eskandar
Ahmad Gharbeia
Kody Leonard
Tom Longley

Ludmila Polshikova
Chinmayi S K
Collin Sullivan
Valeria Umaña
Bert Verstappen
Veronica Vidal
Friedhelm Weinberg

With support from

This report was commissioned by the Oak Foundation and written
by The Engine Room. Responsibility for the information and views
expressed in the report lies entirely with The Engine Room
Lead writer: Zara Rahman (The Engine Room)
Researchers: Nisha Thompson, Tom Walker (The Engine Room)
and Kara Kaminski-Killany.
Graphic design by Federico Pinci.
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution‑ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy
of this licence, visit:
First published September 2016

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